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Ravenlake Ltd

Ravenlake Ltd is a consulting company specialised in embedded systems. The company was founded in 2011, and has been run full time since then with the help of our key customers.

Our target is to provide highly technical resources to help companies to solve their embedded system problems and design needs. We have solid experience in both the hardware and the software design. We have participated in projects on domains like space, defence and industry.

The company has all the typical resources needed in the embedded system domain, like spectrum analyser, high speed oscilloscope, logic analyser etc. In case we don’t have a resource or skills to tackle your problems by ourselves, we use our contact network to build up the needed capabilities.

When customers come to us with their problems or design needs, we give an estimate of the work needed. However, we do not take fixed-price projects. Instead, we charge on hourly basis. The customers have full visibility on our work progress, and have naturally right to stop the project, if they see we are wasting their money. So far that has not happened.