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Our capabilities


We are familiar with the whole software life-cycle, starting from definition of the user requirements and ending with the software maintenance. We can help you also in the areas like independent SW validation.

Typically, our customers use C or C++ programming languages. But many more exotic languages, like Ada, are familiar to us.

Typical operating systems we use are embedded Linux or FreeRTOS. Some projects have been built on “bare metal” (without any operating system).

We routinely use git version control in our projects, whenever it is possible.


In the area of hardware design, our role is in embedded electronics. We use OrCAD Capture CIS/CIP and OrCAD PCB Designer Professional as the main tools for our printed circuit board design. We are able to use our own component libraries, or use customer’s libraries via a database connection. In some projects we have used KiCad, which is a free tool.

We are able to design also simple mechanics (enclosure) for electronics. If a more complex enclosure is needed, we use our partners to do that job.

FPGA design

Programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are becoming more and more common in embedded systems. We have used system-on-chips like Xilinx Zynq for many years in customer projects. A multi-core ARM CPU, combined with large programmable logic, provides excellent platform to solve complex embedded system needs. We use VHDL hardware definition language to design the programmable logic functionality.

RF design

We are capable of building RF electronics in frequencies below 3 GHz.